Achievements in Bacteria 2

Beat all arcade green levels Beat classic easy difficulty Beat all arcade yellow levels Beat classic normal difficulty Beat all arcade levels red Beat classic hard difficulty Win 3 games in classic easy + 3 games classic normal + 3 games classic hard Win 25 games Win 50 games Win every level

Bacteria 2 has 10 unlisted bonus levels. You can accomplish these by reaching the following accomplishments

  1. Beat all levels of arcade green
  2. Beat single player easy
  3. Beat all levels of arcade yellow
  4. Beat single player normal mode
  5. Beat all levels of arcade red
  6. Beat single player hard mode
  7. Beat single player easy, normal and hard each 3 times
  8. Beat the game 25x
  9. Beat the game 50x
  10. Beat all the above levels. 

Level 10 unlocks an interesting new mode to allow for more replayability. 


For both of these cheats, start a level and then in the level simply start typing the cheat. 

Switch places and continue the current level as Red. 

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Type inverse


Besides left click for clockwise rotation, allow right-click for counterclockwise rotation. 

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Type right-click