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Bacteria 2 licence

--== Usage policy of the source code ==--

Bacteria 2 is provided as opensource for you to learn from. It is not allowed to use
the engine of Bacteria 2 for a commercial project under any circumstance.
Although I can't enforce this I would very much appreciate it if people are not going
to create a new Bacteria 3 game under there name.

Any new creation using a part of the code of this game must follow the following requirements:
* Credit to Simon Donkers is at all time required with a link to
* It is not allowed to use the H Unit logo from within the loading animation within your
game under any circumstance. YOu can remove this by adjusting the sprite:
sprites/menu-scree/sprite_credit_text Remove the first image from this animation.
The H Unit seal of quality has been granted to Bacteria 2 and to this game alone. Any creation
derived from this does not have the H Unit seal of quality unless given out by H Unit
* It is not allowed to use the encryption mechanism used within this game within any other
creation without my prior personal permission
* Any derived version needs to use a different game id. You can adjust your game id in:
global game settings > loading. Having different versions with the same ID will cause problems
when people try to connect with a multiplayer game as the game communication will not function
If you do make a game out of this engine I would be very interested to know about this, feel
free to send me an email at :)

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