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Bacteria 1

Bacteria 1 is a hard puzzle game. You are the green army. You need to destroy the red army. You can rotate a stone clockwise by left clicking on it. Even though the controlls sound simple, the game is not. It will require quite a bit of tactics before you win the game.

I have made Bacteria 2. This game is better as Bacteria 1 in all ways. I would recommand you to have a look at Bacteria 2. I have only left this version online for people that do not meet the minimun hardware requirements for Bacteria 2.

Some comments about the game:

Really nice game. On my first try I lost terribly but on my second try, I managed to win. I think the graphics are very fitting and the mechanics are unique despite resembling other puzzle games. The huge back-and-forth waves are intense. - Tapeworm

This is an excellent puzzle game, well designed and well programmed, and addictive as heck. The graphics are functional but that's really all you need for a game like this; this is really about the strategy involved. - Alf-fly

Nice work, this is addictive indeed. It's exceptionally challenging too. I haven't actually beaten the computer yet, but I'm get close. Great puzzle game!! - tdgc

You can find a review about Bacteria 1 by YoMamasMama here. (posted at Game Maker Games, staff rating is 6.8)


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Bacteria, menu screen, battle PC vs PC Bacteria, the game

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